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Black Hole Sun–A Teen Book Review

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Black Hole Sun by David Macinnis Gill

Rating: 5 Stars

Black Hole Sun attracted me because of its intriguing title and book flap summary. If you have read any of David MacInnis Gill, you will like this book. It is a great Sci-fi with better characters. I rate this at 5 stars because of its great plot, dialogue, and characters.

Black Hole Sun is about a futuristic bounty hunter called Durango, or just “Chief”. As he leads his unlikely crew the deaths of his old crew and his family weigh on his mind. Durango and his small crew head towards Outpost Fisher Four, a mining center on Mars, to kill the mighty Dræu and their fearless queen. When Durango finds himself in a pinch, he must do everything to keep his friends – and the miners, alive.

I would recommend this to Sci-fi fans and readers looking for something sharp and witty, with a good story.

~~Submitted by Rye, Grade 7

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The Princetta–A Teen Book Review

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The Princetta by Anne-Laure Bondoux

I would rate this book a one and a half, but only because I feel bad telling the author that their hard work only scores a one. If not for that this book would honestly only be worth only a one to me.

I decided I wanted to read this book because of the cover. It shows a picture of a girl that looks stunned or defiant (hard to tell which). Under her head is a pirate ship sailing past palm trees. After reading this book I realized that the saying “don’t judge a book by its cover” does apply in many situations. I should have never read this book just because of the cover. As I read the book I discovered that the cover was a really bad judge of the actual book. The book is literally depressing from the first page, to the last page. Also, the book seemed to be random stories and recollections slammed into one long, boring, depressing story. Not a pretty mental image and not a great book.

The book switches between two different points of view, Princess Malva’s, and Orpheus’. This switch between view points was very confusing for me. I have read many other books that similarly switch between narrators, but in The Princetta this transition between characters is just plain confusing. In the beginning of the book Orpheus and Malva live so completely unrelated lives that switching between their points of views is almost tiring. Also, nothing in the chapter title explains whose point of view that chapter will be from. You have to figure that out as you read. I didn’t like that at all.

As I mentioned previously the book was horribly depressing. I kept reading and reading hoping to reach that “happily-ever-after”. It never came. In several situations characters were killed off so abruptly that you couldn’t even really grasp what had happened until several pages later. Every time I thought things were looking up they took a turn for the worst. I have a tip for you, if you do decide to read the book just stop reading after page 406. I’m not going to tell you why, just trust me on this one. Unless you want to feel depressed for the rest of the day, do not read this book!!!

I totally could not relate to any of the characters. Almost every character in the book felt underdeveloped and 2 dimensional, meaning that the characters just seemed so similar, so bland. Not like the vibrant 3 dimensional characters that you find in other books. Like I said above, the book was really depressing, but after a few deaths it became almost a yawn. The characters were too shallow for you to really feel their pain.

In the end, I totally do not recommend this book to anyone. It is a waste of 430 pages of reading. Don’t waste your time go find another book to read.

~~Submitted by Jessica, Grade 9

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Beautiful Creatures: A Teen Book Review

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Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl

Imagine that the moon controls your destiny. Who you’ll become and what you’ll believe in? Would you like it? Lena Duchannes, a young caster girl certainly isn’t pleased with her fate. Lena is part of a long line of female casters (similar to witches) who, as the result of a horrible curse, are claimed for the light or the dark on their sixteenth birthday. Approaching her claiming, Lena moves in with her sweet and fatherly uncle, Macon Ravenwood. Macon believes that Lena is in danger of becoming dark via the malice of Sarafine her mother, and as a result attempts to shelter her from the perils of the world. His protection proves futile when Ethan, a high school boy so enthralled by Lena that he sees her in his dreams enters the gates of Ravenwood Mansion. Lena and Ethan are drawn together; a mortal caster bound by mutual dreams, thoughts and eventually love. As Ethan is pulled closer to Lena’s world, they discover age-old secrets, magical objects, a seducing caster, and the general realization that everything isn’t as it seems. Light or dark, that is the question. Read on to find the answer.

This book had me spellbound from the very first page. What with the vivid character descriptions and suspense at every turn, I simply couldn’t put it down. The way the authors weaved together descriptions really formed an image in my mind and held it there throughout the story. Even though I picked this up in anticipation of the movie (which by the way paled in comparison), I discovered much more than a blockbuster basis, and would definitely consider this one of the best books I’ve read this academic year. The cover art was also quite intriguing and the font used has a very supernatural appearance. Beautiful Creatures is similar to other supernatural romance stories, but has many extremely unique qualities. In my opinion, it greatly surpassed the Hunger Games as well as other fantasies such as the Matched Trilogy.

Beautiful Creatures itself is part of a four part series (followed by Beautiful Darkness, Beautiful Chaos and Beautiful Redemption) that I can’t wait to get. I would describe Beautiful Creatures as more of a southern gothic type novel with lush descriptions of the Deep South’s society, landscape and history. I particularly enjoyed the scenes in which the authors drew upon their knowledge of Southern life in relation to Lena and Ethan’s story. For instance, in a school dance scene, Garcia and Stohl describe the “taffeta pastry dresses” worn by the girls. They go on to explain how there are only two dress shops in town, Little Miss and Southern Belles. There are very subtle differences that become virtually unnoticeable when certain events cause the students to get wet!

I would strongly recommend this book to middle school boys and girls looking for a fantasy romance novel similar to Twilight but with more substance. For myself, it was no surprise I was drawn to this book, as I am a fan of the fantasy genre. Many others who shared similar reading interests recommended this book to me, persuading me to read it.

Overall, a great read, five stars!

—-Submitted by Hannah, Grade 8

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Teens Suggest Reading…Part 3

Teen Read Week
October 14-20

Welcome to our final day of “What should I read?”, book reviews for and by teens! One of the goals of Teen Read Week is to encourage teens to read for fun. See what others have read and recommend…maybe you’ll find your next book! Be sure to check back throughout the year for more great book suggestions!

And don’t forget, today is the last day to sign up for the Teen Read Week Read-A-Thon on Saturday, October 20 from 1:00-4:30 p.m. at the Peace Dale Library!

The False Prince by Jennifer Nielsen
Three words I would use to describe The False Prince are exciting, suspenseful, and action packed. I think it’s exciting because of the part where Sage duels Rodan and Tobias stabs Sage in the back, all those things are exciting. Also I think of the word suspenseful because a person named Connor needs to choose one fake prince out of four. You really want to know who gets picked, an what happens to to the other three! In addition, I think of the word action-packed because there is a lot of action, like when a noble and his men got to Connor’s house and they find someone hiding and they must duel! I would definitely recommend this book!

  • Reviewd by: Hossam Z.
The Reckoning by Kelley Armstrong
Three words I would use to describe this book would be interesting, romantic, and frightening. I would call the book interesting because you never knew what was going to happen and you just wanted to keep reading. That way you get all the interesting an juicy details.
I would call this book romantic because there was a love triangle between a sorcerer, a werewolf, and a necromancer.
Finally, I would call this book frightening because there was a fight between two werewolves and it just happened out of nowhere!
I would recommend this book because I love reading books about the supernatural and there were so many good details and I loved all the characters.

  • Reviewed by: Lila L.
Soul Surfer: A True Story of Faith, Family, and Fighting to Get Back on the Board by Bethany Hamilton
This book is about a girl named Bethany Hamilton. She lives in Hawaii and loves to surf. But on Halloween, her life changed forever. A shark attacked her and she lost her arm. She has become famous because since then she only has one arm and was still able to surf again.
She is a strong young lady who is a strong believer of the Christian faith. She miraculously survived a shark attack. She is my role model because she is only a year older than me and she has been a strong girl. Bethany is very brave and I really admire her.
This was an entertaining, cool, and interesting true story.

  • Reviewed by: Sarah M.
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Teens Suggest Reading…Part 2

Teen Read Week
October 14-20

Welcome to Day 2 of “What should I read?”, book reviews for and by teens! One of the goals of Teen Read Week is to encourage teens to read for fun. See what others have read and recommend…maybe you’ll find your next book!

And don’t forget, there is still time to sign up for the Teen Read Week Read-A-Thon on Saturday, October 20 from 1:00-4:30 p.m. at the Peace Dale Library!

Confessions of the Sullivan Sisters by Natalie Standiford
This book was mysterious, edgy, and funny all at the same time! There were three different sections, with three different sisters. And let me tell you how different they were!
Sassy is sweet and stubborn. Norrie is smart and confined in herself. Jane is rebellious and funny.
I liked the change of characters-it kept the story interesting. I would definitely recommend this to anyone because it had a little bit of everything-mystery, romance (more of a fling), comedy, and more! Anyone would like it! I tried to savor every bit of this book, but even so, I flew through it. It’s a great read.

  • Reviewed by: Lindsey T.
Strings Attached by Judy Blundell
Murder, mystery, malice; “Strings Attached” by Judy Blundell has it all. This suspenseful mystery novel, one of the Rhode Island Teen Book Award nominees for 2013, kept me hooked from beginning to end as I followed the story of Kit. Kit is a native Rhode Islander who runs off to the bright lights and sparkling cities of New York City. She escapes her abusive boyfriend Billy, an alcoholic father and her two siblings, hoping to make a change for the better. Little does Kit know that Nate, Billy’s lawyer father lurks in New York City, and carries with him a secretive past and mafia ties. When Nate offers Kat an apartment, and later a job, she realizes that some promises come with strings attached.
This book was by far my favorite of the Rhode Island Teen Book Award nominations for 2013 so far. Despite a slow start (I was tempted to skip some of the earlier chapters), “Strings Attached” picked up just in time for a dramatic ending. I would highly recommend this book to female fans of both the mystery and historical fiction genres. All in all “Strings Attached” is a great book, and if you’re like me, you won’t be able to put it down until the action-packed ending.

  • Reviewed by: A Teen Reader
Forgotten by Cat Patrick
London Lane forgets everything from the day before. She doesn’t even remember her boyfriend of six months! She remembers the future instead of the past and has shocking flash-forwards about her father and someone else (I CAN’T TELL YOU WHO THOUGH!) She knows how things will end so she tries to avoid them.
I would definitely recommend this book to pretty much anyone. It was shocking, interesting, and romantic. It’s a great book and it gets better and better as the story goes on. I might even say this is my new favorite book. All I an say is read it! You will love it!

  • Reviewed by: Lindsey T.

Be sure to check back tomorrow of the final part of our Teen Read Week Teen Recommend series!

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Teen Book Review-To Kill A Mockingbird

To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee

The book To Kill A Mockingbird was recommended to me by a teacher. When I started to read the book, I felt that it represented a specific time in which events were happening which changed society into what we see today. this book is about a family in Alabama who sees many actions that would be unacceptable today. It is about the father who is a lawyer who defends a black man who claims he is innocent. This book is about human nature towards those who are different. When a child even understands that segregation is wrong it shows that it is best to end it.

This book to me proves that even though someone may look different, it doesn’t mean they are on the inside. I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys books.

~~ Submitted by: Justine C.

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Teen Book Review-Girl Goddess #9

Girl Goddess #9 by Francesca Lia Block

Girl Goddess #9 is a collection of short stories written by Francesca Lia Block. It had a few more interesting stories (and when I say more interesting, I mean the halfway decent ones of the collection). It has some surprisingly inappropriate content throughout the book (drugs, sex, under-aged drinking); but I also didn’t think the writing was very good either. I would not recommend this book to others because of the constant inappropriate content and the writing.

However, I thought that one particular story had an excellent plot. It was called “Dragons in Manhattan”. “Dragons in Manhattan” was about a young girl who travels to find her real father because she realizes she can’t biologically have two mothers. But as I said before, the plot was good but the writing wasn’t very good.

~~ Submitted by” A Teen Reader

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Teen Book Review-How I Saved My Father’s Life

How I Saved My Father’s Life (And Ruined Everything Else) by Ann Hood

In the story, Ann Hood tells about a religious girl named Madeline who saved her father’s life by praying for him when he got caught in an avalanche. Even after she saved him though, he left their family for Ava Pomme. Madeline, her brother and her mother leave to go to Italy where she has to stay with her father, stepmother and their baby for part of the trip.

Madeline discovers that she loves her mother NOT Ava because Ava didn’t show any care for anything Madeline did or said, even though Ava herself is pretty and stylish.

I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who likes to read realistic fiction. It really showed how even though things are bad, it doesn’t mean they can’t get better.

~~ Submitted by: A Teen Reader

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Teen Book Review-Hate List

Hate List by Jennifer Brown

The book Hate List is about a girl named Valerie and her boyfriend Nick. She has a hard time in school. She gets teased a lot by people she hates, but there is one girl in particular that she hates.

Val and Nick decide that one day they are going to make a list of people they would like to kill. So, everyday they add new people to the list. However, Val didn’t know that Nick was going to actually kill those people on the list. Val thought it was just a way to blow off steam at the time, but ever since Nick has been hanging around a kid named Jeremy, Nick has been acting different.

One day was unlike any other day. Val was sitting in the lunch room talking with her friend and Nick stands on a table and starts shooting the people on the hate list that they made up. Val thought very quickly and ran in front of the girl she hated most just to save her life. Val was shot by Nick, and after he realized what he’d done, he shot himself.

~~ Submitted by Morgan C.

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Teen Book Review-After the First Death

After the First Death by Robert Cormier

This book is about a gang of terrorists whose plan is to hijack a bus of kids to prove that they cannot be put down. When the terrorists take the bus it is up to the government to decide what to do. Their options are: send in a SWAT team to surround the bus; find the terrorist’s leader and use him as a hostage; or risk it all with the general’s son as a messenger. When the bus driver gets involved with the terrorists, it only makes the situation worse.

This book pulls at heart strings and emotions. I recommend this book to anyone who loves action and strategizing.

~~ Submitted by Justine C.

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