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Black Hole Sun–A Teen Book Review

on March 21, 2013

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Black Hole Sun by David Macinnis Gill

Rating: 5 Stars

Black Hole Sun attracted me because of its intriguing title and book flap summary. If you have read any of David MacInnis Gill, you will like this book. It is a great Sci-fi with better characters. I rate this at 5 stars because of its great plot, dialogue, and characters.

Black Hole Sun is about a futuristic bounty hunter called Durango, or just “Chief”. As he leads his unlikely crew the deaths of his old crew and his family weigh on his mind. Durango and his small crew head towards Outpost Fisher Four, a mining center on Mars, to kill the mighty Dræu and their fearless queen. When Durango finds himself in a pinch, he must do everything to keep his friends – and the miners, alive.

I would recommend this to Sci-fi fans and readers looking for something sharp and witty, with a good story.

~~Submitted by Rye, Grade 7

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