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Teen Tech Month–Around the Internet Part 2

It’s still Teen Tech Month here are the South Kingstown Public Library! Last week we highlighted some programs and apps to help with photo and video editing. This week–time killers! These are all short (yet sometimes addicting) way to have some fun and kill some time or boredom.

fantastic-logo Fantastic Contraption
If you build it…will it run? In Fantastic Contraption you build a machine from simple parts to move objects from the start area into a goal area. There’s physics involved but don’t worry, build your machine, press the start button and watch what happens! The simple controls and step-by-step tutorial will have you building fantastic contraptions in no time! Play for free online or download the app. Can’t get enough? Try Fantastic Contraption 2!
Cute_OverloadCute Overload
There are cute animal pictures all over the Internet, but Cute Overload just might have some of the best. I mean, look at these guys! cuteoverloadbunnyAnd just in case you need an excuse to go “Awwwwww, it’s so cute!!!”, the magazine Popular Science recently reported that a study in Japan showed that looking at cute animal pictures can improve concentration skills!
sixwordmemoirsSix Word Memoirs
Can you tell a story in six words? Using the same brevity that is needed for Twitter, Six Word Memoirs is a project started by SmithTeens. Browse topics ranging such as life, love, happiness, and more! See what others have written, and add your own. They also sponsor weekly caption contests.
sixwordbookWant more? Check out the book I Can’t Keep My Own Secrets: Six Word Memoirs From the Famous and Obscure.
My six word memoir of the day? “Need more sleep. Not enough coffee.” (Hey, it’s Monday.)
30_seconds30 Second Bunny Theater is home to 30 Second Bunny Theater…in which a troupe of bunnies parodies a collection of movies by re-enacting them in 30 seconds, more or less…
Watch Jaws, Jurassic Park, Napolean Dynamite, Pirates of the Caribbean, Twilight, and more! New videos are added all the time.
Also, be sure to scroll down and click on The Birchbark Heroes! You’ll be glad you did.
bubble-wrapVirtual Bubble Wrap
Sometimes, you need to let off some stress. While actually popping bubble wrap is definitely more satisfying, this virtual version is still pretty fun.

Finally, how do you keep up with everything happening out there on the Internet? You still have until the end of the week to fill out our Teen Tech Survey–we’ll be randomly choosing a few completed surveys and giving away some prizes!

Look for the Teen Tech Survey in the Teen Area of the Peace Dale Library or print one up now! Fill it out, drop it off in the box in the Teen Area of library.

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Black Hole Sun–A Teen Book Review

Ever wonder what others teens are reading? Here’s one of our latest reviews!
Check out a list of all the book reviewed by teens here.
Want to earn community service by writing book reviews? Check out the Teen Book Review Board here.

And now, on to the review….

Black Hole Sun by David Macinnis Gill

Rating: 5 Stars

Black Hole Sun attracted me because of its intriguing title and book flap summary. If you have read any of David MacInnis Gill, you will like this book. It is a great Sci-fi with better characters. I rate this at 5 stars because of its great plot, dialogue, and characters.

Black Hole Sun is about a futuristic bounty hunter called Durango, or just “Chief”. As he leads his unlikely crew the deaths of his old crew and his family weigh on his mind. Durango and his small crew head towards Outpost Fisher Four, a mining center on Mars, to kill the mighty Dræu and their fearless queen. When Durango finds himself in a pinch, he must do everything to keep his friends – and the miners, alive.

I would recommend this to Sci-fi fans and readers looking for something sharp and witty, with a good story.

~~Submitted by Rye, Grade 7

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Teen Tech Month…Around the Internet Part 1


It’s still Teen Tech Month here are the South Kingstown Public Library! This is the first of two posts that will highlight some of the more interesting things that are out there on the Internet. Our focus today–picture editing. Yes, there is always Instagram, but here are a few more free editing sites to try.

Pixlr-o-matic_Logo Pixlr-O-MaticPixlrexample
Pixlr-O-Matic is a free photo-editing program that lets you quickly edit, filter, and adjust your images. Make it look perfect, or give it a slightly quirky or retro look with filters and frames. Pixlr-O-Matic is also available as a mobile app.
Here’s my quick test of the Pixlr-O-Matic, featuring your friendly neighborhood teen librarian. There were tons of effects to choose from, my picture was a little small to see how all the effects worked.
PicMonkey does a lot of the same things the Pixlr-O-Matic can do…edit your picture, use creative filters and frames…however it also lets you create collages of your favorite pictures! This is my two minute homage to author John Green. If you haven’t read his books before….well…you should. Really. Check out his books here.
Finally, there is Picovico. I know, Picovico isn’t really a photo editor. However, it lets you take all your pictures, add music, themes, and captions to create a video that you can easily share on Facebook or YouTube.

There are many other photo and video editing programs and apps out there (including Animoto, Xtranormal, Go Animate!, and Pixorial.

Don’t forget to tune in next week for Around the Web Part 2: Boredom Busters!

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The Princetta–A Teen Book Review

Ever wonder what others teens are reading? Here’s one of our latest reviews!
Check out a list of all the book reviewed by teens here.
Want to earn community service by writing book reviews? Check out the Teen Book Review Board here.

And now, on to the review….


The Princetta by Anne-Laure Bondoux

I would rate this book a one and a half, but only because I feel bad telling the author that their hard work only scores a one. If not for that this book would honestly only be worth only a one to me.

I decided I wanted to read this book because of the cover. It shows a picture of a girl that looks stunned or defiant (hard to tell which). Under her head is a pirate ship sailing past palm trees. After reading this book I realized that the saying “don’t judge a book by its cover” does apply in many situations. I should have never read this book just because of the cover. As I read the book I discovered that the cover was a really bad judge of the actual book. The book is literally depressing from the first page, to the last page. Also, the book seemed to be random stories and recollections slammed into one long, boring, depressing story. Not a pretty mental image and not a great book.

The book switches between two different points of view, Princess Malva’s, and Orpheus’. This switch between view points was very confusing for me. I have read many other books that similarly switch between narrators, but in The Princetta this transition between characters is just plain confusing. In the beginning of the book Orpheus and Malva live so completely unrelated lives that switching between their points of views is almost tiring. Also, nothing in the chapter title explains whose point of view that chapter will be from. You have to figure that out as you read. I didn’t like that at all.

As I mentioned previously the book was horribly depressing. I kept reading and reading hoping to reach that “happily-ever-after”. It never came. In several situations characters were killed off so abruptly that you couldn’t even really grasp what had happened until several pages later. Every time I thought things were looking up they took a turn for the worst. I have a tip for you, if you do decide to read the book just stop reading after page 406. I’m not going to tell you why, just trust me on this one. Unless you want to feel depressed for the rest of the day, do not read this book!!!

I totally could not relate to any of the characters. Almost every character in the book felt underdeveloped and 2 dimensional, meaning that the characters just seemed so similar, so bland. Not like the vibrant 3 dimensional characters that you find in other books. Like I said above, the book was really depressing, but after a few deaths it became almost a yawn. The characters were too shallow for you to really feel their pain.

In the end, I totally do not recommend this book to anyone. It is a waste of 430 pages of reading. Don’t waste your time go find another book to read.

~~Submitted by Jessica, Grade 9

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March Is Teen Tech Month


March 10th-March 16th is Teen Tech Week but the library will be celebrating all month long!

Each week on the blog we’ll be sharing book reviews by teens, video book trailers, and websites. From books, to movies, to games, to creating your own online content, there will be something for everyone.

The Teen Page of the library’s website has gotten a face lift–be sure to check out the all-new Teen Books and Reading section. Here you’ll find what’s new in books, book suggestions, and information on how to download e-books. The library webpage also has links to free online tutoring help and SAT practice tests.

And while it’s been said a million times before, it never hurts to have some reminders about staying safe online. Don’t share too much personal information—always stop and think who will see what you post about yourself. Avoid cyber bullying—don’t write it, don’t share it, and if you see it, let a trusted adult know about it. It may seem harmless or funny, but it isn’t. Especially to the person it’s about. Look in the library’s teen area for information and tips.

super8Finally, don’t forget the Teen Film Club for grades 7 and up will be meeting at the Peace Dale Library on Wednesday, March 13 from 3:30-5:30 p.m. We’ll be watching Super 8 (PG-13). They’ll be plenty of popcorn and thrills to go around. And while you are there, don’t forget to fill out the Teen Tech Survey located in the Teen Area of the library. Fill one out (or print one up now), drop it in the box—we’ll randomly pull out a few for prize giveaways!

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