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Teen Book Review-To Kill A Mockingbird

To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee

The book To Kill A Mockingbird was recommended to me by a teacher. When I started to read the book, I felt that it represented a specific time in which events were happening which changed society into what we see today. this book is about a family in Alabama who sees many actions that would be unacceptable today. It is about the father who is a lawyer who defends a black man who claims he is innocent. This book is about human nature towards those who are different. When a child even understands that segregation is wrong it shows that it is best to end it.

This book to me proves that even though someone may look different, it doesn’t mean they are on the inside. I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys books.

~~ Submitted by: Justine C.

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Teen Book Review-Girl Goddess #9

Girl Goddess #9 by Francesca Lia Block

Girl Goddess #9 is a collection of short stories written by Francesca Lia Block. It had a few more interesting stories (and when I say more interesting, I mean the halfway decent ones of the collection). It has some surprisingly inappropriate content throughout the book (drugs, sex, under-aged drinking); but I also didn’t think the writing was very good either. I would not recommend this book to others because of the constant inappropriate content and the writing.

However, I thought that one particular story had an excellent plot. It was called “Dragons in Manhattan”. “Dragons in Manhattan” was about a young girl who travels to find her real father because she realizes she can’t biologically have two mothers. But as I said before, the plot was good but the writing wasn’t very good.

~~ Submitted by” A Teen Reader

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Teen Book Review-How I Saved My Father’s Life

How I Saved My Father’s Life (And Ruined Everything Else) by Ann Hood

In the story, Ann Hood tells about a religious girl named Madeline who saved her father’s life by praying for him when he got caught in an avalanche. Even after she saved him though, he left their family for Ava Pomme. Madeline, her brother and her mother leave to go to Italy where she has to stay with her father, stepmother and their baby for part of the trip.

Madeline discovers that she loves her mother NOT Ava because Ava didn’t show any care for anything Madeline did or said, even though Ava herself is pretty and stylish.

I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who likes to read realistic fiction. It really showed how even though things are bad, it doesn’t mean they can’t get better.

~~ Submitted by: A Teen Reader

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Anime/Manga Club Super Summer Meeting

Students entering grades 7 and up are invited to join the Anime/Manga Club for a Super Summer Meeting on Friday, August 12th from 2-4 p.m.!

It’s Cosplay Day! Come dressed as your favorite anime character!

In addition or watching and drawing anime, try your hand a making Japanese string dolls or origami! Can you use chopsticks? Practice while you sample Japanese snack foods!

No registration is required for this program. Questions? Call 789-1555.

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Teen Book Review-Hate List

Hate List by Jennifer Brown

The book Hate List is about a girl named Valerie and her boyfriend Nick. She has a hard time in school. She gets teased a lot by people she hates, but there is one girl in particular that she hates.

Val and Nick decide that one day they are going to make a list of people they would like to kill. So, everyday they add new people to the list. However, Val didn’t know that Nick was going to actually kill those people on the list. Val thought it was just a way to blow off steam at the time, but ever since Nick has been hanging around a kid named Jeremy, Nick has been acting different.

One day was unlike any other day. Val was sitting in the lunch room talking with her friend and Nick stands on a table and starts shooting the people on the hate list that they made up. Val thought very quickly and ran in front of the girl she hated most just to save her life. Val was shot by Nick, and after he realized what he’d done, he shot himself.

~~ Submitted by Morgan C.

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Teen Summer Finale!

Free Pizza!

Free Ice Cream!

Free Books!

It’s our Teen Summer Program Finale! Join us Wednesday, August 10th from 2-4 p.m. for free ice cream sundaes, pizza, Wii and other games! Find out who will win our Summer Grand Prize Raffles! Take home a free book!

Registration is preferred but not required for this program! Call 789-1555 for more information.

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