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Purple Heart

Purple Heart by Patricia McCormick

While stationed in Iraq, Private Matt Duffy is injured while out on patrol. He remembers he and his squad chasing a vehicle, then continuing on foot into an alley. He remembers gunfire, and a rocket-propelled grenade hitting the wall behind him.

After that Matt remembers nothing. TBI the doctors call it, traumatic brain injury where his mind shuts out any other details of the event, as well as his ability to recall simple everyday words and actions. As he works to regain cognitive functions, Matt begins to get flashes of what else may have happened in that alley that day. He slowly realizes that he may have killed a civilian, a child. Or did he? His memory is still fuzzy and unreliable, leaving Matt struggling to learn the truth.

McCormick creates an interesting story, really generating a feel for what day to day life may be like for an injured soldier in Iraq, emphasizing that what the rules are and what is really acceptable can be two very different things.

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Twilight Saga’s New Moon


Students in grades 6 and up are invited to celebrate the upcoming movie release of New Moon. We will have Twilight and New Moon themed trivia and bingo as well as other games and prizes!

Registration is required for this event! Stop in or call the library at 789-1555 for more information.

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