South Kingstown Public Library Teens


on January 20, 2009

peeledPeeled by Joan Bauer

Which is more important…the truth or printing stories that sell? That is one of the key questions facing high school student Hildy Biddle.

“Danger to all ye who enter”

“You didn’t think it was safe, did you?”

When signs start appearing on the old Ludlow house, the location quickly becomes an addition to the “Top Ten Spookiest Places in Upstate New York” list. Reported ghost sightings start to rise, a break-in is reported and when a man dies in front of the house it seems certain that the town of Banesville is haunted.

At least that is how it is being reported in the local paper, The Bee. Hildy though, is not so sure. Is it really news if there are no hard facts or evidence? The more questions she asks, the less things make sense. What is really happening at the old Ludlow house? Could it actually be haunted? Or are there human forces at work, creating fear among the people in town?

This was an interesting and timely story about the world of journalism, the importance of finding the truth in a story and standing up for what you think is right.


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